A Clot of 46 components

God says in chapter 96 of the Holy Quran in verse 2:

Second verse of chapter 96
"Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood"

Clot in Arabic is the word عَلَقٍ pronounced A'lq. This word appears in the Holy Quran 6 times in 5 different chapters. This word refers to a stage in fetus development in the womb. After fertilization the egg moves from the fallopian tube towards the uterus. Implantation on the uterine wall occurs in a way that allows nutrient movement from the mother to the baby. The Arabic word Ala'lq العلق refers to the developing fertilized egg as it hangs on the uterus wall. This Arabic word is derived from the Arabic root A' L Q (ع ل ق) which means "to hang or attach". Here is a table with the places where this word appears in the Holy Quran, along with the placement that this word takes in the verses (ie 1st, 2nd word in verse etc). If we sum up the positions of this word in these verses we get 46 which is the number of chromosomes humans have. Humans are made of a clot, a clot of 46 components. The chromosomes contain the genetic material needed for the development and functioning of the human body. It is this information that makes us human beings. Different species have different number of chromosomes, for instance the Elephant has 56 chromosomes while the Hoopoe bird has as many as 126 chromosomes. Human chromosome number was discovered in Sweden in the year 1955 by modern technology,

The verses of the Holy Quran that contain the word A'lq (Clot)


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