Verse 4 of Chapter 6

A standard way of representing any single verse in the Holy Quran is by putting chapter number and verse number side by side. Arabic language is written right-to-left so the chapter number comes to the right of verse number. Verse number 4 in chapter 6 gets thus represented as 46. This number is of special significance since it's equal to the number of chromosomes humans have. It becomes even more significant when considering what God says in it.

This is verse number 4 in chapter 6 "Livestock":


Chapter 6 - verse 4
"Never came there unto them a revelation of the revelations of Allah but they did turn away from it."


The discovery that humas have 46 chromosomes happened in the year 1955 by two scientists named Tjio and Levan (in Sweden). The relation between the 4th verse of chapter "Livestock" and the number 46 becomes clearer when knowing that this same verse appears one more time in the Holy Quran and that as verse number 46 of chapter 36.

The word "Ayah" (آيه) in Arabic is the one for the word "revelation". It means also "verse" or "miracle". In this verse the word "Ayah" (آيه) is the 4th word and the word "Ayat" (آيـٰت) (plural meaning verses/miracles) is the 6th word. The focus of this article would be on the word "Ayat" (آيـٰت) (verses/miracles). Let's consider these facts:

    • It's the sixth word in verse number four and along with word "Ayah" (آيه) in 4th position we get the first two hints on the number 46 (Human chromosme number).
    • Counting the words from chapter's beginning we find that this word "Ayat" (آيـٰت) is the 46th word. Here are the first 4 verses of chapter number 6 (the first 46 words are marked with brown-red):

      Chapter 6 - Verses 1 to 4

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  • Even more interesting is the fact that the number of letters in these 46 words is 184 which is equal to 46 x 4. This means that the number of letters divides perfectly by human chromosome number.

Here are all letters appearing in those 46 words along with a number that represents how many times each letter appears in those 46 words:

ا  Alef  23      د  Dal   3      ض  Dad   3      ك  Kaf   5
ب  Ba    3       ذ  Thal  3      ط  'Ta   1      ل  Lam   23
ت  Ta    10      ر  Ra    8      ظ  'Tha  1      م  Meem  23
ث  Tha   3       ز
  Zein  0      ع  A'in  5      ن  Noon  11
ج  Geem  4       س  Seen  5      غ  Ghein 0      ه  Haa'  9
ح  H'aa  1       ش  Sheen 0      ف  Fa    3      و  Waw   18
خ  Kha
   2       ص  Sad   0      ق  Qaf   3      ي  Ya'   14


These 4 verses and the word "Ayat" (آيـٰت) (verses/miracles) must be related to human creation (especially since God says in verse 2: "He it is Who hath created you from clay...".

  • Writing the word "Ayah" (آيه) (verse/miracle) using letter occurrences (from table) and adding values up we get 46 i.e. human chromosme number. The letters making this word are Alef - Ya' - Haa'.
  • In verse 2 God says that He created human from clay. Writing the phrase "Created human from clay" (خلق الإنسن من طين) using the same letter occurrences and adding values up gives 184 which is equal to 46 x 4.
  • Writing the word "Human" (Alansn) (الإنسن) (the way it's written in Quran) using letter occurrences and adding values up gives 96. Chapter number 96 in the Holy Quran is "The Clot" (Ala'lq) (العلق) which refers directly to that humans are created of. The word A'lq (علق) refers in Arabic to that cell assembly that starts to get formed right after the fertalization of the egg (i.e. the assembly of cells having the full chromosme number of 46 attached to uterus wall).
  • Writing the name of the main discoverer of human chromosome number "Tjio" (تجيو) using letter occurrences gives a total of 46. Tjio was the one who actually discovered human chromosome number. Yet Levan is credited also along with Tjio for discovering the chromosome number since the discovery happened at his liboratory (Levan was actually away on a trip when the discovery took place). Writing the two names: "Tjio and Levan" (تجيو وليفان) using the occurrences gives a total of 138 which is equal to 46 x 3 !
  • Looking at the letter occurrence values we see that the letters Alef, Lam and Meen appear in those 46 words exactly 23 times each. 23 is the number of chromosome pairs humans have (the human haploid chromosome number). Alef, Lam, Meem (the three letters together) is actauuly a Quranic initial: some chapters start with letter initials - no one is sure what is the purpose of these letter initials - God refers to them in Quran as being the "ayats/verese or miracles of the Wise Scripture". Interestingly enough the Quranic initial that precedes chapter 6 is the one in chapter 3 which is "Alef, Lam, Meem".


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