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I have talked many times earlier on this site about how human chromosome number can be seen in the context of the verses talking about human creation in the Holy Quran. We have seen, for instance, that the first verse of chapter 76 "Human being" (الإنسن) is the 46th verse from Quran's beginning that contains the word "Human being" (الإنسن). Human beings have 46 chromosomes. These chromosomes contain the genetic material needed fot the development and functioning of the human body. It needs to be stresset that different species have different number of choromosmes: the Hoope bird has as many as 126 chromosomes while the male Bee has only 16 chromosomes. Here is a list with chromosome count for different species (source: wikipedia).

Today I want to focus on some other aspects of human creation and it is my pleasure to present for you a lecture by Dr. David Menton. Let us join him in this journey as he presents some of the miracles involved in egg fertiization and human fetus development. This is part of the story of each one of us. I personally believe that one of the shortest paths to know God Almighty is by knowing His marvelous creation.

The video is provided at Answers in Genesis and can be accessed by following this link:

Do not those incredible facts point to an intentional and wonderful Creator ?! Is not it obvious that any attempt to explain life by random processes would prove futile in light of what we see under the microscope ?!

In numerous verses of the Holy Quran does God declare that He is the creator of everything and that there is no other creator besides Him. He also says that His creation cannot be matched by anyone. It is an intricate product of His hands. He says:

Chap. 22 verses 73 to 74

"O ye folk! a parable is struck out for you, so listen to it. Verily, those on whom ye call beside God could never create a fly if they all united together to do it, and if the fly should despoil them of aught they could not snatch it away from it - weak is both the seeker and the sought. (74) Unworthy the estimate they form of God! for God is right Powerful, Mighty!"
Source: Holy Quran - The Pilgrimage- 22:73-74

The interesting thing in this verse is that God Almighty, the sustainer of the heavens and earth, does not hesitate to to mention a tiny and insignificant creature, such as the fly, in His Book. Even this small creature humans will not be able to produce, let alone big mammals. This fact and the solid statement that humans will never be able to create even a tiny thing as the fly, can better be appreciated nowadays thanks to modern technology. Modern microscopes, imaging technologies, insights in chemistry and computers unveil the incredible complexity lying behind creation and basic physical and mental processes.

Fly eye's

Even at the more elemantary basic levels (thousands of times samller than one of the mini-eyes of the fly) , God's marvelous ability manifests itself. Michael Behe is a contemporary biochemist who asserts that some biochemical structures are too complex to be adequately explained by known evolutionary mechanisms and are therefore more probably the result of intelligent design. He has written about DNA and proteins, the mathematically tiny chances that life could have evolved by random processes and he has presented several biological systems that he maintains to be irreducibly complex, meaning they must have been designed.

"A man from a primitive culture who sees an automobile might guess that it was powered by the wind or by an antelope hidden under the car, but when he opens up the hood and sees the engine he immediately realizes that it was designed." Michael Behe

The intricate design of God can be seen in all that He has created, at the whole organism level (e.g. the beauty of the peacock) and at the cellular level. The American philosopher William A. Dembski has this to say in this context:

"The mountains of evidence are already there. The problem is that evidence is itself inherently hermeneutical, influenced by cognitive predispositions to interpret certain types of data as supporting/confirming certain types of conclusions. If one wears materialistic blinders, there can be no evidence for ID hence the constant refrain by people like Barbara Forrest and Eugenie Scott that there is no evidence for ID. There is none for them because they have shut their eyes to it." - William A. Dembski - source: Timetable for the mainstreaming of ID (Comments), 2005

The evidence is there. All is needed is a listening heart. It not their eyes that cannot see and it is not their ears that cannot hear, it is the hearts that are blind. This is what God says in the Holy Quran regarding those who do not believe in Him.

Chap. 22 verse 46

"Have they not travelled on through the land? and have they not hearts to understand with, or ears to hear with? for it is not their eyes which are blind, but blind are the hearts which are within their breasts."
Source: Holy Quran - The Pilgrimage- 22:46

If you are not a firm believer in God, may I ask you these two questions: (a) Are you concerned about finding an answer to the question of whether God's messengers tell the truth, does God exist ?! (b) Have you made the necessary talk, reading and travel to get an answer ?!

I hope that the articles at this site will help you in this regard. I hope they will be enlightening for you whether you are Jew, Christian. Muslim or a person of other faiths. God calls us all to turn to His path as outlined in the Holy Quran and in His earlier revelations (Books of Moses peace be upon him, Prophets and the Gospel).


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