How to Achieve Peace of Mind

Much can be said on this topic. Here I want to write about a simple and clear path to happiness. Let us read the guidance that God had given Adam and Eve after they were expelled from heaven and after Satan had deceived them. God said to Adam, peace be upon him:

And God said, "Get ye all down hence, the one of you a foe unto the other. Hereafter shall guidance come unto you from me; And whoso followeth my guidance shall not err, and shall not be wretched: (123) But whoso turneth away from my monition, his truly shall be a life of misery: And We will assemble him with others on the day of Resurrection, blind."

Reading these two verses we see a simple rule:

Following the guidance of God guarantees happiness and success in this life and in the next life. In my opinion and in my experience, being a believer and a follower of the guidance of God and Prophet Muhammad God's blessings and peace be upon Him, leads to:

A. Continuous Inner peace and tranquility which is not dependent on any particular earthly thing or condition. The Holy Quran states that the true followers and servants of God shall not experience fear or sorrow.

B. Guarantees God's protection from all evil.

C. Provides clear and sharp insight and understanding of life and life conditions.

D. Gives wisdom.

E. Winning God's favor in this life and in day of Reconstruction.

F. Places a paradise in the heart and secures the actual Paradise in the next life.



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