It is the fifth day of Ramadan

Ramadan, the fasting month. Today it is the 5th day.

Yesterday I have expressed some observations regarding the truth of God's guidelines. Today I can confirm that God in a period of 24 hours provided even stronger proves that ALL that He has revealed is true. His guidelines are the most reliable ones that would grantee prosperity and peace.

God says in the Holy Quran:

كَما أَر‌سَلنا فيكُم رَ‌سولًا مِنكُم يَتلوا عَلَيكُم ءايـٰتِنا وَيُزَكّيكُم وَيُعَلِّمُكُمُ الكِتـٰبَ وَالحِكمَةَ وَيُعَلِّمُكُم ما لَم تَكونوا تَعلَمونَ ﴿١٥١﴾ فَاذكُر‌ونى أَذكُر‌كُم وَاشكُر‌وا لى وَلا تَكفُر‌ونِ ﴿١٥٢﴾

 الفرءان الكريم - سورة البقره ، الآيه 151 - 152

"(151) And we sent to you an apostle from among yourselves to rehearse our signs unto you, and to purify you, and to instruct you in "the Book," and in the wisdom, and to teach you that which ye knew not: (152) Therefore remember me: I will remember you; and give me thanks and be not ungrateful."

Source: The Holy Quran - The Heifer 2:151-152, translated by John Medows Rodwell (1861)

After the post yesterday I have decided that for the next hours I would be extra vigilant. I would follow minute by minute the guidelines of God I know about better. I called His name more. I praised Him more and became more conscious of the fact that He rewards all good doing, even the smallest of them.

A bigger sense of tranquility found it way to my heart. Maybe God wants to assure me that ALL that was revealed is true and that He likes the rightious.

What better gift can I have.


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