Hoopoe chromosome number


The Hoopoe is a real nice bird. It's mentioned in the Holy Quran one time in chapter number 27 "The Ants" - Al Naml - النمل when God talks about the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. A Hoopoe bird, which served King Solomon, is been missing. King Solomon wonders where the Hoopoe has gone and it appears to have traveled to Sheba (present Ethiopia or Yemen) and brought some news.

The word Hoopoe (in definite form) appears only one time in this chapter (and whole Quran). It appears in verse 20:

Chapter 27 Verse 20
"And he took a muster of the Birds; and he said: "Why is it I see not the Hoopoe? Or is he among the absentees?"

In this chapter the word "The Bird" - Al Tayr - الطير (Which in Arabic means also the birds) appears three times in this chapter, all three occurrences appear before the word Hoopoe. It appears in verse 16, 17 and 20. Click here to review verse 16 to 20.


The words in these verses are arranged in an interesting way. Consider these facts below:

  • The number of words from the first word "The Bird" in verse 16 to the 3rd and last occurrence of it (the one in verse 20, where Hoopoe is mentioned) is 63. The interesting thing is that the Hoopoe has a haploid chromosome number of 63. The Hoopoe is the only type of bird mentioned in this chapter.
  • We figure out the position each "The Bird" word has from chapters beginning (the number of words from chapters beginning to it) and divide the positions' numbers by chromosome numbers 63. Look at the table below:

    Word Bird in chapter 27

    Notice that the word occurrence in the middle divides by the number of haploid chromosome number: 63 perfectly. Dividng the position number of the 1st and 3rd occurrences gives a remainder of 47 for both. What's is 47? The bird Hoopoe can be refered to by 47 since 47 is chapter number 27 + verse number where the word Hoopoe appears 20.
    Notice also that 189 (the position of the occurrence in middle) divides perfectly by 63 and gives the result of 3. The word "The Bird" appears 3 times.


Quran informs us that the Sun worshiping of Saba kingdom was discovered by a Hoopoe. They hid their worshiping, but when the Great King Solomon was informed he sent a letter ordering them to stop their doing. The distance from Jerusalem to Saba is about 2000 km, Hoopoe could not take the risk of traveling this distance without permission or an excuse.

Hoopoe came late to Solomon that meant the hoopoe was not a super Hoopoe but only a bird with the ability of an ordinary Hoopoe.

So the Hoopoe is one main Key to know where the Edifice was.

Between Saba and the surroundings there were mountains, Solomon’s hosts passed through the valley of Ants. Saba could be seen from the air so it was logic to be seen by the Hoopoe if his flight was close.

Rough levels for the area are as the following: ( -23 m) - Sea bed near the beach

    		(+43 m) - Beach
    		(+1330 m) - Marib dam
    		(+2110 m) - Nearby mountains
    		(+996 m) - Desert behind mountains

The hoopoe is an ordinary bird with a limited speed. During his flight he saw the people of Saba kingdom worshiping the sun; he flew closer to make sure; that made him late to attend the council of Solomon. Hoopoe was absent and nobody knew where he was. He could be punished by Solomon; Hoopoe cannot take a risk by flying from Palestine to Yemen without reasons or permission.

He was late and without excuse, so his flight must be short and close to both Solomon’s council and Saba.

The distance between Solomon’s council and Kingdom of Saba must not be long.

The same Hoopoe took Solomon’s letter to Saba. It was not difficult for the Hoopoe to carry it and he did not get tired, it is not a long distance.

It was a brief letter but they knew it was from the Great King Solomon who was very famous, people in Saba must know him well. Saba was also famous and strong kingdom. They hid their sun worshiping. If their doing were public then many must knew about it. Solomon’s hosts were huge nobody discovered the secrete worshiping. Saba succeeded in hiding their doing until Hoopoe discovered their doing.

The situation of Saba went critical, they sent a gift, but when Solomon rejected it, they preferred to go to him that was safer than to let Solomon’s hosts entering Saba. They were very close, Saba could not stand against Solomon hosts from entering Saba,

Solomon refused the gift and asked his soldiers to bring the throne of Saba before their coming. If Solomon was in Palestine, then the arrival of the Queen would take long time. Time was another important key, Saba was close therefore the Queen will come soon, and the bringing of the Throne before her coming meant many things. It is prove of Solomon’s power.

Two extraordinary Solomon's soldiers replied him: The first was a demon, but the second was one who had a knowledge from the book, the second’s ability was more powerful than the ability of the demon

Any thing is easer with knowledge support, but without knowledge any thing appears more difficult, the second soldier was faster than the Demon.

Demon said he could bring the throne before Solomon stand up from his seat, it was a period of time until finishing the council (End of council)

The second time was shorter which is until the return of Solomon’s Terminal hosts (During the council time)

Some body understood that the second time is “within the twinkling of an eye!” (this is as shown in the translation) but really this time is very short, and there is an important word mentioned which declare that the bringing of the throne took longer time than the time required for just twinkling of an eye, the meaning of this word is “then when “ َ فَلَمّا رَآهُ مُسْتَقِرّاً عِندَهُ ! Then when (Solomon) saw it placed firmly before him,

Any creature’s ability is controlled by what he was given by Allah, maybe he is faster because of his ability or his knowledge but at the end it is to a certain limit. The abilities of soldieries were limited, and they were obeying Solomon’s orders. Second soldier was faster but he needed time. Both times were correlated by council’s events; Soldier’s abilities were not out of time. Abilities were of bringing the Throne during the council time, by logic, Saba was not far from the Solomon’s council, if it was then time required to bring throne might be longer than the council time …

Solomon Edifice is close to Saba

But where could it be? The suitable place for containing the Edifice and the huge and many Jinn’s made around the Edifice must be wide and far from people. Only jinn were there when Solomon died. Quran informs us about many other keys, Quran informs us about the builder of the edifice, the material ….. So, the Edifice can be known where it was. Notice the following very important points

The Edifice was built not by human but by Jinns and demons, they were builders and divers. Edifice was a tall building constructed from glass and copper, this kind of building which was done by builders and divers of Jinn must not be over land, but so like building must be in water where glass is a Prime building material, on land, buildings were made of stones and woods , in water the builder must know diving and they must be not human, in water tall building is essential for ventilation


Solomon asked Allah to give him a unique Kingdom . No one before or after Solomon has a kingdom in the sea , Only Solomon has a large kingdom both in land and sea,

Jinns made many huge status ,structures,… and others around the Edifice, these things are essential for building in the sea. But on land they could harm peoples during construction and after that it will be a famous place for people to visit. No body discovered these Jinn’s structures yet , the possibility of being on the sea bed is very logic, if these things were on land many people must know about , and many people must go there many times, and so like places can not be forgotten easily, the Edifice was far away from people, it was only for Solomon to worship far from people.

Quran informs us that " Allah let a Font of molten brass to flow for Solomon; and there were Jinns that worked in front Of him, by the leave of his Lord, and if any of them turned aside from Our command, We made him taste of the Penalty of the Blazing Fire." , as known in the sea bed there are many volcanoes, so the molten copper are there available for jinn to use for their made,

Solomon could order the wind to blow his ship from the Edifice to the holy land or where he wanted, the wind made his travel fast, the one month trip could be done during a few hours because of the ordered wind. Edifice was far from the Holy land.

Solomon died in the Edifice and no human asked about him, his Kingdom was large and no body knew where he was. If his Edifice was on land human or birds could enter the Edifice, that means Solomon used to be alone there in the Edifice for worship, and Edifice was far from birds and humans.

When Solomon died no human or bird entered into his Edifice, any human can know that he was dead, and that means Solomon was far from humans (the land) he was under water in his Edifice (made of glass) , jinn stayed out side and around the edifice in the hard work.

When the queen of Saba wanted to enter the Edifice, she thought she was entering into water, that means she passed over a bridge of glass over water,

Many stories about Solomon were accompanied with the sea, like his ring and the fish, also the jinn and the bottle….

Conclusions: The Edifice was constructed on the sea bed, while its entrance was above water surface to allow air come in and out , and there was only one gate, where no body enter their except Solomon. Solomon trips from/to the Edifice and the holly land was by using wind ships ordering the wind to blow to wherever he wanted Now, due to the subsidence of the sea bed, the Edifice is completely under water and is covered by sediments, this also happened to the structures built about the Edifice

Old Peoples thought Gazan area was the place where Solomon’s hosts were gathered, Gazan is very close to Saba, there are many valleys, mountains and islands. The beach is nearly flat, where the sea bed is shallow, this area has not been discovered yet by archeologists

The Edifice and the surroundings (Jinn made) are cover by sediments in the bed of sea between Yemen and Africa needs someone to discover

iam absolutly stunned ! there lot of hikma in thease verses. And yet it is simple ane complex at the same time!

Yes I agree. It is quite remarkable. In fact, we see also that the verse that starts the letter from King Solomon to the Queen of Sheba - which is sent with the Hoopoe bird -  (إِنَّهُ مِن سُلَيمٰنَ وَإِنَّهُ بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ) is the 63rd verse from the end of the chapter. It is a message from a prophet of God, it is carried by a Hoopoe bird and it starts at that special position that signifies God unlimited knowledge regarding His creation: that is Hoopoe chromosome number. Subhan Allah.

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