Quran initials & Human chromosomes

Initials Ya Sin

Some chapters in the Holy Quran start with letter combinations. These initials are 29 in total and are made of 14 unique Arabic letters (out of the total of 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet). They don't have any meaning in Arabic language as normal words have. Examples are: Alef, Lam, Meem الم or Ya, Sin يس. The purpose of these initials at chapters beginnings is not known. God says in some chapters, right after such initials, that "these are the Ayats (verses or miracles) of the Wise Scripture".

Some intersting phenomena in the Quranic text becomes evident when giving letters in words/verses values according to the number of occurrences the letters have among the 29 initials. Click here for a table with the 14 letters making the initials and the number of times they are repeated among the initials. As can be seen in the table the letter Alef ا, for example, has been repeated 13 times in the initials.

What is of interest in this article is the word "The Human" (In Arabic the word needs to be in definite form to give the same meaning as the word Human does in English) - which is written in Arabic as one word (pronounced as Alinsan written ALANSN الانسن). Below are the letters making up this word and the number of occurrences of each letter among the Quranic initials.

ا  A - Alef - 13
ل  L - Lam  - 13
ا  A - Alef - 13
ن  N - Noon - 1
س  S - Sin  - 5
ن  N - Noon - 1

The total of the values of the letters making the word "The Human" is 46 which is Human chromosome number.


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Subhanallah! Thank you very much for sharing! This information is so powerful and amazing. I found that if you do the value of "Al-Nahl" you get 47 which is the 16th prime number! (bees have 16 pairs of chromosomes)

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