Interesting fact about the number 2673

Today I will present an interesting fact which can be observed in the way the verses & words of the Holy Quran are arranged. What I have presented so far in this site testify that the origin of this Book is divine and that it is revealed by a powerful, unlimited & all knowing source. Let us consider the following simple fact: When inspecting the verses of the Holy Quran we find that the word God, Arabic: Allah, الله appears 2673 times up to and before chapter number 76 "Human being", Arabic: Alansn (الإنسن). At the same time we find that there are exactly 2673 verses up to chapter number 23 "The Believers", Arabic: Almoa'mnon (المؤمنون).


But how do these numbers relate ?!

Human beings have 23 pairs of chromosomes. These chromosomes contain the genetic information needed for the development and functioning of the human body. Those 23 chromosome pairs are the base matter which makes us humans. Different species have different number of chromosomes, for example, the Honey bee has 16 pairs while the Hoopoe bird has 63 pairs. Chromosome count, as in regard to human beings, remained unknown until the year 1955, when it was discovered by modern techniques. The Human chromosome number was discovered by a scientist named Joe Hin Tjio at the University of Lund in Sweden. Pay attention how the number of verses up to chapter 23 "The Believers" (المؤمنون) and the number of occurrences of the word God - Allah - الله up to chapter 76 "Human being" are the same: 2673. Can this be due to a coincidence?! No, here we are dealing with a rather big number. The same 2673 occurrences of the word God - Allah - الله up to chapter 76 "Human being" (المؤمنون) relate in additional and interesting ways to human chromosome number as can be seen here.

A chromosome like this one can contain 450 - 4200 genes: loads of genetic material that guides the development and functioning of the human body.


But what is so special about the number 2673  itself ?!

Interestingly 2673 is equal to 243 × 11 ...

243 is the number of words in chapter 76 "Human being" (الإنسن). This number is equal to 9² + 9² + 9². The interesting thing is that the 9th prime number in universe is 23 (human chromosome pair number!). Prime numbers: are natural numbers that are divisible only by themselves and one. The first few primes are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13..

11 is a well accepted value of God himself in the Holy Quran (as derived by studies of God's own names and descriptions in Scripture). The 11th prime number in universe is 31, which equals the number of verses in chapter 76 "Human being" (الإنسن). Remarkably enough, the 31st composite number in universe is 46 (human chromosome number). In fact, chapter 76 "Human being" (الإنسن) is the only chapter in the whole Quran that consists of exactly 31 verses! Composite numbers: are natural numbers that are divisible by numbers other than themselves and one. The first few composite numbers are 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16..

Is not it clear that this Book is a revelation by the master of the heavens and earth. Only the Creator can do all of this, already more than 1430 years ago. Evidence for God's existence is available and I encourage you all, believers and non-believers, to read more about creation, life, Scripture and God the Merciful.


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How can one know exactly how many times a word is in the Quran? It's not like you are going to count the word starting from page one for each word, are you?


I did that using ReadVerse site. The team at ReadVerse made great work of classifying all the words of the Holy Quran by الجذر Jathr (word root) as Arabic Language is. Using the database and the search engine they provide, it is possible to look up any word/jathr in the Holy Quran reliably.

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