The sophistication in verse distribution

Many of the phenomena presented on this site point to the ingenious arrangement of the words, verses and chapters of the Holy Quran. It is clear that mathematical systems played a role in the authoring of this Book. God is not like anything that we know. This is what He says in the Holy Quran. His intelligence is unlimited and this is evident in His final revelation to mankind.

Today I am going to present structural phenomena in the Holy Quran that testify on God’s unlimited ability. We will observe some facts about the Holy Quran that it would be highly inconceivable that they were put in place by men at time when computers were not available. Because the mere observation of these features of the Holy Quran requires modern computer software.

The Holy Quran has 6236 verses distributed in 114 chapters. The content of the verses along with their arrangement in the Quran was revealed by God by His archangel Gabriel. All the verses were revealed unto Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) in a period that extended 23 years (between the years 610 CE and 632 CE).

First chapter of the Holy Quran - On second page the first five verses of chapter 2 "The Heifer"
The first chapter of the Holy Quran - It summurizes all muslim faith - Click here for English translation

The phenomena that will be presented here concern odd and even numbers. Numbers 3, 5, 7 and 9 etc. are odd numbers while numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8 etc. are even numbers. Half of the chapters have an odd number as their serial number  (order of arrangment in the Holy Book), while others (second half) have an even number as their serial number. In the same manner, some chapters have a verse count which is an odd number, while others have a verse count which is an even number. Chapter number 19 (odd) is named "Mary" and it has 98 verses (even number verse count).

What follow is that the chapters of the Holy Quran can be arranged into two main divisions:

a) Chapters that their serial number and their verse count match when it concerns being odd or even e.g. chapter nr. 2 (Heifer) since it has 286 verses (both are even numbers) and chapter nr. 17 (Children of Israel) since it has 111 verses (both are odd numbers). These chapters of this type will be referred to here as matching chapters.

b) Chapters that their serial number and their verse count do not match when it concerns being odd or even e.g. chapter nr. 76 (Human) since it has 31 verses or chapter nr. 12 (Joseph) since it has 111 verses. These chapters of this type will be referred to here as non-matching chapters.

The facts that can be observed in the Holy Quran:

» The first interesting observation is that the number of matching chapters is 57 chapters and the number of non-matching chapters is also 57 chapters.

» We see also that the number of chapters that have an odd number verse count is 54 chapters and the number of chapters that have an even number verse count is 60 chapters. Half of each division is matching chapters and the other half is of non-matching chapters. In other words, wee see for example that there are 27 chapters that have an odd number verse count and that their serial number is also an odd number (matching chapters) and another 27 chapters that have an odd number verse count and that their serial number is an even number (non-matching chapters). The same appllies to the chapters with an even number verse count. Here we have two parts, 30 chapters each. Please consult the table below:

Verse distribution in the Holy Quran by odd and even numbers

» In addition to that, and as can be seen in the table, the sum of matching chapters' numbers and how many verses in them is 6236. Interestingly, the Holy Quran as a whole has exactly 6236 verses!

» At the same time we see that the total of chapters' numbers and their verse count for the non-matching chapters is 6555. This number is equal to the sum of chapters' numbers of the whole Holy Quran, i.e. 1 + 2 + 3 + ... + 114 !

There is no record that Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his mates sat down and calculated verse totals. No at all! It is Allah - Jehovah God who is capable of doing this. Just imagine how effortful it would be to discover these phenomena without modern computer software such as Excel.


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You mentioned: their verse count match when it concerns being odd or even e.g. chapter nr. 2 (Heifer) since it has 286 verses (both are even numbers.

but two is not even, because it is a prime?

oh, **** my bad, i thought 2 was an prime, but it is an even number too, because it is a mutiple of too.. lolz


There are many ways to classify numbers. Two of the most common ways of thinking of them are:

1. Prime / Composite: 2, 3, 5, 7 ... vs. 4, 6, 8, 9...

2. Odd / Even: 1, 3, 5, 7 ... vs. 2, 4, 6, 8 ...

On Wikipedia you can find comprehensive information about numbers.

None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: Knowest thou not that God Hath power over all things?

but this miracles clearly proofs, that it didn't effect the quran as a whole. (the mathematical structure) but only one question. Doesn't the quran say that his laws are eternal? Therefor that means, some verses was sent in a small period. Like this hadith says, in sahih bukhari:

Volume 6, Book 60, Number 32:

Narrated 'Ata:

That he heard Ibn 'Abbas reciting the Divine Verse:--

"And for those who can fast they had a choice either fast, or feed a poor for every day.." (2.184) Ibn 'Abbas said, "This Verse is not abrogated, but it is meant for old men and old women who have no strength to fast, so they should feed one poor person for each day of fasting (instead of fasting).



volume 6, Book 60, Number 33:

Narrated Nafi:

Ibn 'Umar recited:

"They had a choice, either fast or feed a poor for every day ..." and added, "This Verse is abrogated."

Volume 6, Book 60, Number 34:Narrated Salama:

When the Divine Revelation:

"For those who can fast, they had a choice either fast, or feed a poor for every day," (2.184) was revealed, it was permissible for one to give a ransom and give up fasting, till the Verse succeeding it was revealed and abrogated it.

but by the miracle of the quran, the odd verse count, and the even, clearly shows that allah substituted some of the verses.

but iam in confusion, need this to be verifyed.. i tried to explain this to my imam, he totally disagrees with me. I asked him of the abrogated verses. Even showed him, he dineid it. It did surely happen. Muhammad forgot some of the verses. But it was intented by god. By allah the most wise.

" We will make you recite so you will not forget EXCEPT what Allah wills" 87:6-7

"We do not abrogate(withdraw)  a verse or cause it to be forgotten without bringing a better one or like it"

Allah might cause Muhammed to forget materials not intended to appear IN THE FINAL TEXT FORM"

Which you proofed so ellegantly. Maybe we are the only ones who got this view. After all, i ask the imams, and they rejected totally the idea that mohammed forgets. But here u have verses that cleary says it is so. its absurd.

quranwonders rocks

It has been debunked at the quranspotlight website article about the odd even quran miracle

Peace to all,

Not only the 6555 = 6555 and the 6236 = 6236 and the 57 = 57 BUT also
chapter 57 (out of 114 total) doesn't change position (i.e. stays as 57th) even when the table is ordered by multiplication in ascending or descending orders. Yes chapter 57 occupies position 57 when the table not-sorted, sorted ascendingly, and sorted descendingly (which is not normally the case for an even 114 items in a table as there is no real middle and it should have moved to position 58 but for another chapter comes to the rescue and occupies that place first).

If you think this is amazing then I have more news for you:

The chapter that occupies the 58th position when the table is sorted in descending order MUST BE chapter number 87 and its verse count MUST also be 19. See for details.

This is only the start of why ALL 114 chapters must have their current verse counts.


Pivot = N/2 = 57 = 3 * 19
Pivot chapter has 29 (middle of 57) verses.
Multiplication = 57 * 29 = 3 * 19 * 29

The only way to distribute these three primes to chapter number and verse count such that the chapter number >57 but <=114 is to have
Chapter 3*29 = 87 to have 19 verses.

Why the division of N by 2 and middle of N/2 is stated clearly by Allah swt in Quran 39:23 to make the book (Symmetrical and Bi-directional).

Beyond Amazing is still an understatement.

Al-hamdu liAllah infinity, The Knower and Controller of ALL.

Glory to Him forever ….

Ali Adams
God > infinity

The moon is associated in our minds with beautiful scenes and romantic landscapes. For those who use the lunar calendar, it is a precision calculator. The ebb and tide it causes have always been a mystery for men. It is used to symbolize mathematics, astronomy, art and romanticism.....

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