Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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Engineer Abduldaem Al-Kaheel is a researcher in the Scientific Miracles of the Quran and Sunnah. He is born in the city of Homs (Syria) in 1966. He is married and has two children, "Firas" and "Alaa".


- BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Damascus.

- Hold a diploma in educational qualification and a diploma in Fluid Mechanics Engineering. In addition to an experience in computers.


He speaks Arabic and English perfectly.

The current job

- Now he works in the engineering supervision in the ministry of justice and he is a juror legal expert in the Syrian justice.   

- He has a complete supervision on his personal website www.kaheel7.com   which is in five languages and contains more than 1500 article and research.   

- The supervisor of the miracles network in the Quran and Sunnah  www.MiracWeb.net  

The intellectual activity

- Participated in many seminars and global conferences, including the Eighth World Conference of the Scientific Signs in Kuwait in 2006, and the Second Symposium in Dubai in 2007, Dubai International Holy Quran Award.

- Participated in a number of seminars in Rabat and the Moroccan cities in 2007.

- Participated in the International Symposium on Medical Miracles in the Koran and the Sunnah, Algeria 2009.

- He has a number of researches and new scientific discoveries in the scientific miracle of the Quran and Sunnah, the most important discovery is the digital system for the number seven in the Quran.

- Keen to follow all news about science and scientific facts, and the search for verses of the Qur'an and the Hadith that talk about these facts.


He aims through the scientific studies to:

- Calling for God by a way of science and scientific dialogue, away from the intolerance and ignorance.

- The provision of scientific evidences that the Quran does not contradict with the certain scientific facts.

- Show the true image of Islam.

- To deliver the researches of he scientific miracles to non Muslims by translating these researches to international languages such as: English- French- Indonesian – Farsi.  


He published more than forty books, including "Brightening of Number Seven in the Holy Quran", which was issued by the "Dubai International Holy Quran Award". In addition to a number of books including:

- "Brightening of Number Seven in the Holy Quran"- the issuance of the "Dubai International Holy Quran Award"2006.

- Cosmic Phenomena: the issuance of the "Dubai International Holy Quran Award" 2008.

- The Miracle of the Koran in the Digital Age: Dar Al-Fikr, Damascus, 2002.

- God manifested in His signs: Dar al-Radwan, Aleppo, 2004.

- The Secrets Of The Universe Between Science And The Koran: Damascus 2006.

- Secrets of "ALM" in the Holy Quran: Dar Al-Radwan, Aleppo, 2005.

- Facts Reveal The Secrets Of The koranic Story: Dar Ibn al-Qayyim, Damascus, 2003.

- The Miracle Of The 21st Century: Dar Al-Radwan, Aleppo, 2003.

- Miracle (Say God is one): Dar Al-Manar, Damascus, 2005.

- A Miracle of (In The Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate): Dar Al-Radwan, Aleppo, 2005.

- Miracles in the Holy Quran Story: Dar Al-Radwan, Aleppo, 2004.

- Horizons Of Digital Miracle in the Quran: Dar Wahi-Alkalam, Damascus, 2006.

- A Series Of Scientific Miracles In The Quran and Sunnah (1-12): Dar Al-Hafiz, Aleppo – Cairo, 2005.

- A Series of Numeric Miracles In The Quran (1-12): Dar Al-Hafiz, Aleppo – Cairo, 2005.

- Secrets of the Quran Miracles: 70 Proofs, Dar Radwan, Aleppo, 2004.

- Wonders of Scientific Miracles In The Holy Quran: Dar Muhrat Homs, 2006.

He has hundreds of koranic research and studies published through newspapers and scientific journals.

Other activities

- He has award of Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al Sabah for Informatics, 2008.

- He has many TV programs in many Arab countries.

- He launched the idea of "the miracle's messages through the mobile" in many countries such asKuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, etc…..