Caner Taslaman

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Caner Taslaman was born in Istanbul; he finished elementary and high school in the city of his birth. As a result of his mother being a chemical engineer and his father a doctor, he showed interest in the natural sciences from a very tender age. He completed his university studies at the Sociology Department of the Bogazici University in Istanbul. During his university studies he also showed interest in fields like anthropology, sociology of religion, and sociology of knowledge. Following this, he got his masters degree at Philosophy and Religion Department of the Marmara University in Istanbul, with a thesis on the connection between the Big Bang theory, and philosophy and theology. Later he got his doctorate in the same department with a thesis on the connection between the evolution theory, and philosophy and theology. He studied political sciences at the Istanbul University; he participated in seminars on the relation between science and religion at the University of Cambridge in England, and he was present as a “visiting scholar” at Tokyo University in Japan. His books and articles have been published in Turkish, English and Bosnian. At the moment he is concentrating on such subjects as, “the relation between modern science, philosophy and religion” and “globalisation and Islam”. He is particularly interested in “globalisation and Islam”, “superstition and religion”, “Quran and science”, “the way the Turkish people perceive religion”, “the philosophical and theological results of modern physics”, “philosophy of religion”, “philosophy of science”, and “philosophy of biology”.


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