Science and Mathematics in the Holy Quran

The point of departure of our odyssey

Submitted by Caner Taslaman on November 14, 2009
Big-Bang theory is one of biggest developments in Cosmology & Physics in the past 70 years. God mentions Big-Bang in the Quran 1430 years ago!
The Big Bang

The Miracle of Adam & Jesus (Peace be upon them)

Submitted by Abduldaem Al-Kaheel on October 21, 2009
Interesting phenomena can be seen in the arrangment of the words "Adam" & "Jesus" in the Holy Quran. Have a look at this to know more about Jesus Christ in the Quran.

Interesting fact about the number 2673

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on October 11, 2009
The arrangement of the verses and the words of the Holy Quran is not random at all. This can be seen here in relation to human chromosome number and the number 2673.

Endless Miracle of the First Chapter

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on October 03, 2009
One of the most incredible mathematical wonders of the Holy Quran is presented here. Huge numbers (+138 digits) derived from chapter number one ALL divisible by 19.

Word Quran & Chapter "Human being"

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on September 09, 2009
God's own signature regarding human creation and origin by way of the word "Quran" "قرءان" and chapter 76 "Human being".
The Holy Quran (Cover)

Word "Human being" - Ingenious arrangement

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on August 19, 2009
Word "Human being" appears 65 times in the Quran. This article presents evidence for the ingenious arrangement of this word in the Quran. Human chromosome number is evident!

The Holy Quran & Prime Numbers

Submitted by Ali Adams on June 18, 2009
Prime numbers are central building blocks of the Holy Quran. They are numbers divisible only by themselves and one. Some interesting phenomena are presented here.
The Verse of the Throne

First revealed verses of the Holy Quran

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on May 17, 2009
This article presents interesting phenomena seen in the first revealed words of the Holy Quran. Human chromosome number is evident in the only chapter of the Quran with a name with direct reference to human creation.
Chapter 96